Frequently asked questions

The beer foam is formed by the presence of carbon dioxide gas and some organic molecules of high molecular weight.

The difference between beer Pilsner and that Lager stands in the progress of the technological process, a process that influences the taste and character of beer.

Production capacity of Peja Beer is 60 million L / year.

The main factors that the beer is fresh is: the composition and purity of the ingredients of the product itself.

The main factors that Beer Peja always has in the same taste and quality are: Full application of standards both in the technological process of production and raw material.

The main ingredients of the beer are: Water, carbon dioxide, and the unfermented portion of organic matter.

We produce these types of beer: Beer Pilsner, Beer Lager, Alcohol-Free Beer, Beer Ipa (red) and Black Beer.

Beer is made in craftsmanship and sophisticated technological equipment using raw material of unmodified plant origin.

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